Josie Cicero

Artist, Designer, Floor Covering Expert,

and Owner of JJ Associates Design, Inc., 

& The Art of Flooring, By JJ.

Who Is Josie?

 For Josephina “Josie” Cicero, creativity is all about finding the full expression of who you are artistically, and that means experimenting with new opportunities. In Josie’s creative quest, she has taken on the roles of Fine Artist, Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Colorist, Stylist, and Owner of JJ Associates Design, Inc., and The Art of Flooring by JJ, Inc.

Anything imaginative enthralls her, and Josie’s passion for art, creation, and life, all combine to make a grand creative influence.


As a Creative Director, Josie’s mission is to bring this same passion and creativity into innovative, eco-friendly and profitable products designed to transform spaces. She owns a design build interior design firm, JJ Associates Design, Inc., and brings 20 years of rich experience as a residential and commercial designer. For more information, visit


Josie also owns The Art of Flooring by JJ, Inc., which is a floor covering contracting company that supplies products and installation services. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Josie is considered a flooring expert.


Josie has painted landscapes, portraits, and abstracts for businesses and individuals, as well as The Catholic Church, and even worked as an established independent clothing designer for various garment manufacturers. She was commissioned by famous ballerina Mikhail Baryshnikov’s production house to create an exercise clothing line that was converted into a hand-painted, 5 foot tall, wall art piece. 


You can’t keep Josie out of the kitchen either. Like a true Italian, she’s always creating. Learn more about Josie's journey and how she became an outstanding Italian cook......

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Josie's Love for Italian Cooking


At the age of 10 my grandmother (NaNa) invited me to come inside the house to learn how to make pizza.  I had no interest in learning how to cook since I was dedicated to being a tomboy and cooking was not part of my image.  However, I did listen to my NaNa and participated in making homemade pizza.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed the experience so much that I began to visit every woman in my family that cooked and observed their cooking style.  I learned about the ingredients they used and the methods they applied in creating dishes.  I began to develop my own style and flavors and began to participate in the family celebrations with dishes of my own.  To my surprise, they were well received by all the members of my family.  I continued my efforts in the kitchen and found that my friends wanted to partake in my food as well, so I began to have pizza parties.  I would invite 10 people; however, 30 or more people would show up.  The word was out.....Josie's making pizza!

Throughout the years, I've perfected my tomato sauce, making it from scratch and only using the best ingredients from Italy. One batch of sauce takes up to a week to complete.  Being the Italian woman that I am we always make more food then needed, so I began to give away jars of sauce to friends and clients.  Again to my surprise, my clients started to negotiate jars of sauce in exchange for professional business services.   In fact, one multimillion-dollar client now insists that for every jar of sauce delivered, he exchanges one new building project up for redesign!  

 Those who have been fortunate enough to sop up Josie's sauce in their pasta already expect their best-kept-secret to get out once interested investors come on board. If you’re really smart, see if you can finagle a jar of her sauce when you call her about a project! 

My dream is to have my tomato sauce on every grocery shelf in America.

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